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Behind the Lens

Tanisha Frazier is more than a photographer, she's a visual stylist! Founder of Moments Captured and photographer of many Jess Mi photos, we chatted with her catch a quick inside look of her view from behind the lens:

What is so unique about photography that drove your initial interest?

"I love the fact that I can create a memory in someone's life that is long lasting. Capturing the essence of who that person is and the purpose they serve."

@victorross2 captured by @mcphotographyco


Do you have a preferred style/shoot you love doing? Fav shoots? Why?

"I love the vintage style. It looks very old but chic. That black and white portrait that tells your mind to dig a little deeper and create a story. It challenges you to get more creative and view art from all angles. With color images you're more focused on what one is wearing. With no color, your mind expands and explores all aspects of the image."

"SFW" by @mcphotographyco


How is your style influenced on a day-to-day basis?

"Well I tend to pay attention a lot more. Things I could have cared less about, I'm more aware of. It has allowed me to be grateful for my vision to see. It's also allowed me to be more open minded and understanding that art is whatever you say it is. We all see things differently, but that's what makes us all unique. Creativity starts when you have a clear vision of what your purpose is. Once you have found your purpose, sky is the limit for all possibilities."


Which Jess Mi piece is your fav and how could you incorporate that in your look?

"So I LOVE Jess Mi Boutique's one pieces! Particularly the Red Front Cut & Tie Jumpsuit. For me, one pieces are easy to slip on and with added accessories such as jewelry, maybe a hat, and glasses, I'm able to bring the entire look together. I'm loving the colors she picked for her summer collection; very bright and vibrant which goes well with my personality. It's also that kind of personality I tend to look for when capturing moments!"


Any last things you want to let other amazing women know?

"I just want to say: be who you are and express it fearlessly! The only thing that will hold you back is you, so keep striving and push yourself to new measures. How you become successful is never losing sight of your vision, YOUR LENS. 

Jess, you are an amazing person and I'm so grateful to be apart of your amazing journey as a business woman. Show the world what you're made of and inspire others to do the same! Love you and let's make this year the start of a new beginning!!"



Want to get in contact or see more of her visuals? Grab her info below!


Instagram: @mcphotographyco

Facebook: Moments Captured Photography [ @momentscapturedllc ]

Photography Email:

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