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Saved, Sanctified, and SEXY!

I hope I did not shock too many religious women with the title of this post. I would not be surprised if some of you were saying to yourself, "Saved? Yes. Sanctified? Absolutely. But sexy?? Umm.... let's rebuke that!" How about...let's NOT! OHHH magnify the LORD with me (Psalms 34:3)! And His glorious creation of the saved, sanctified, and sexy woman! Including the one reading this post.....yes, YOU!

Surrendering your life to the LORD is an incredible start to a lifelong journey. But the journey does not mean you become less sexy along the way. God desires the best version of you to come forth and manifest on earth like He already sees you in heaven. Yes, your heart should be the most beautiful thing about you because that is what God looks at as opposed to the outer appearance (1 Samuel 16:7). However, allowing your sexiness to shine also matters because there is nothing about you that is shortened of His glory, including the way you keep yourself up. Think about the story of Esther: coming to the king meant undergoing beauty preparations (Esther 2:9). In fact, those beauty preparations were a year-long process in those days (Esther 2:12). Can you believe it!? Now imagine if Esther did not follow those preparations and said, "I don't need beauty extras. My heart should be the only thing that matters to him." Do you think the king would be just as inclined to choose her in his sight?? I don't think so. If you are familiar with the story, then you understand her influence as the queen and how God's favor led her to save the Jews (If not, then I encourage you to read the book of Esther, very inspiring). But what would have happened if Esther did not become queen because she did not want to dress herself up properly? God could have possibly anointed someone else to be queen in order to save His people; one who would be willing to accept the beauty treatments! In fact, the reason King Ahasuerus needed a queen in the first place was because his last one refused to come with her royal crown and show her beauty! (Esther 1) So when it comes to appearance, you know King Ahasuerus did NOT play! Although a woman's sexiness does not define who she is, it is indeed a tool God can use to bring glory to His Kingdom.

In case you did not know, Jess Mi Boutique's aim is to give women classy styles without compromising their sexy. However, there is a difference between "classy" sexy and "trashy" sexy. Sexiness in our eyes certainly has a standard: a standard of class and tastefulness. To better clarify, allow me to define what sexy is NOT: it is not based on how much skin you show, nor how much of your body is revealed. It is also not defined by how tight your clothes are, nor how seductive you can pose. The word "sexy" receives such a negative connotation from the saints because our minds tend to automatically revert to those definitions. Sad to say, the enemy has perverted "sexy" which makes us shy away from the very thought of it. But this year I am determined to take back what the enemy stole from me, and maybe has stolen from you too. As far back as I can remember, I WAS sexy and always wanted to BE sexy. I use to be the middle schooler who spent countless hours watching music videos I probably should have not been watching. Yes, I use to want to be a video middle school! .......Heavenly Father, let us pray right now for that young Jessica *shaking my head*. But seriously! That was my life goal as a little girl! I was always very conscious of myself so I knew I was attractive as young as I was. So why not be confident and embrace what I got?!? As I grew up, that followed me. I moved to Washington and became even more compelled to live that life. It translated from a video vixen to what we like to call today, an "instagram model." Let me go further, it also carried into this boutique! A sexy woman with class was always my vision from the time I launched Jess Mi Boutique. However, some of my clothes suggested differently. You may notice that my first release is currently on clearance today. That is because I am a woman who has evolved and came into the understanding of who I truly am in Christ, and that is STILL SEXY! My intrigued interest as a young girl was not by accident. Sexiness is a part of me and one way God wants to use me. The standard of sexiness, however, just needed to be redefined, which is exactly what I did. But my confidence needed to be redefined first. I was always confident, but the root of my confidence was stemmed in a vain approach. Instead, my confidence had to be stemmed in who God said I am behind the attractive figure I've always had. Coming into the knowledge of "self" was the root of being a true sexy woman, because it had to start from the inside.

We as women naturally give off a feminine allure about ourselves, that is the way we were created. That feminine allure should not diminish over time, but continue to evolve. Now let's set the record straight: sexiness does not fade with age. You can be sexy at 60. Sexiness IS a woman, at every stage of her life. See, I bet you thought I would go into detail about that vain stuff! But no, sexiness has no age limit. I did not come to tell you that if you naturally have a small waist and your skin is smooth, you are sexy. Sexiness is upholding your femininity as a woman, always. Just because you may have aged a little and things are not as "fresh" as they use to be, does not mean sexiness goes away. Your feminine nature as a woman will always remain with you until you take your last breath here on earth. So how you polish it, matters.

Being a woman who was married and divorced, I can speak from both perspectives as to why sexiness matters. For starters, let's look at the role of a wife. The wonderful Song of Solomon said, "Your lips, O my spouse, Drip as the honeycomb; Honey and milk are under your tongue; And the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon" (Song of Solomon 4:11). If you are a married woman reading this post, I dare you to ask if sexiness matters to your husband. If he says no, he's lying! How you present yourself matters to your husband. Living in a world surrounded by so many women, he should be able to look at you with physical desire to counteract all the harlots out there! Yep, I said it and I meant it. No doubt, there was something undeniably attractive about you that drew your husband closer. And if you don't know, ask him. Yes, he fell in love with your heart and he will always love you no matter how much your skin sags over time. But at the end of the day, he is still a man. And before his heart was attached to you, his eyes were first. Just because you have some years in your marriage and you're 100% comfortable, does not mean the effort to present yourself to him stops. He represents your "King Ahasuerus." You think Esther only had to look good one time for her to be chosen? No, as the wife of King Ahasuerus and queen, it was an ongoing process. And we as women are the queen of our homes, worthy of every beautiful thing. So maintaining your "queendom" with your king holds a lot of importance. Before I dive further, sexiness does not have to be a stressful task. In fact, it should not be a task at all. Maintaining your sexiness is who you are as a woman. It can be as simple as your health: going to the gym, eating at least one heathy meal a day, moisturizing your skin, showering at night before getting in bed with your husband, wearing clothes that accentuate your natural curves, etc. It is the small details that can bring out the sexiest results! Now of course, every woman is not a perfect size 10. And that is totally fine because like I said, sexiness is not the vain stuff! Sexiness is about enhancing what God has already given you, naturally. Whether you have big breast, long legs, thick thighs, or anything else, you can enhance that in the smallest yet most affective way to appeal to your king. But sexiness is not just for the married woman. Single ladies, sexiness matters just as much for you too. Remember when I mentioned earlier how the femininity of a woman is her sexiness? Yep, it is a way of life; ESPECIALLY those who desire a husband. Imagine walking in the grocery store and you are literally looking like you rolled straight out of bed and into your car. Your husband could end up being on the same Walmart aisle as you. But because you had a hard morning, he doesn't quite notice you yet, you have not appealed to him in that moment. So God arranges for your paths to cross again when you are more put together. What does "put together" mean? Simple. Once again, sexiness does not have to be an overcomplicated thing. You can wear an oversized T-shirt and be sexy. Sexiness is hygiene! Brushing your teeth, combing your hair before leaving the house, maintaining your nails, and maybe a little perfume to smell good while you're in your oversized T-shirt for example. Those small details aid in your femininity. And if you want to take men out of the equation, you should still be sexy for YOU. Everything you do should ultimately lead up to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Every detail about you was strategic and a part of God's perfect plan, including the way you look. You do not have to show skin, but maybe wear something that shows your figure. There is a difference between fitted and tight. We're not talking about tight clothing, but something with a nice fit makes ALL the difference. Self conscious about your stomach? That is what spanks are for. There are absolutely no excuses for why you cannot maintain your sexiness.

 Jess Michelle wearing "Casual Pursuit." View more of this look here.

Take a look at the photo above, very sexy. Notice that my body parts are not hanging out. In fact, the only skin I'm showing are my shoulders. This cute, off-shoulder jacket, paired with some nice fitting jeans show my natural figure without being "suggestive" in any way. That is the look of a saved, sanctified, and SEXY woman! Have fun with your fashion. Jess Mi Boutique offers a plethora of looks to choose from if you are unsure of how to ramp up your sexiness. More plus size selections will be added soon.

All and all, sexiness is a feminine perspective that should bring God glory just like everything else in your life does. Scripture says that we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Each one of us was sent on this earth to serve Him and help glorify His kingdom. God wants to use you, every part of you. So how you present yourself is no different. You may not be auditioning for a queen role exactly as Esther was, but every morning you wake up, you are living for the one true King, Jesus Christ. Renew your hearts to pleasing Him and taking care of yourself in every aspect. Thank God everyday for giving you the gift of life by up-keeping yourself. Allow your confidence to shine as sexy as He's made you to be!


  • Thank you for confirming my mantra. I’ve always known and been shown by God that sexiness is a virtue given to us by our Daddy God. I simply appreciate your platform woman of God from one saved sanctified and sexy woman to another. May our amazing God continue to bless everything that you put your hands to in Jesus name amen!

    Munirah j
  • It’s hard to find Godly women that are unashamed so I commend you for being one. You’re writing is beautiful I’d love to share some of your work from my blog titled Voice of the people on

    Evan Cook
  • Wow! My first time taking the time out to read your blog and I must say this was a message sent by you from God to me! I love your boutique girl and I will definitely be ordering soon! Prayers for much success!

    Quantina McCarter
  • This is so fresh!!!! Our generation is redefining our lives as Christian compared to those before us. So many women lose themselves or their sexiness after becoming saved. You are right the way we carry ourselves is different than others, we don’t have to show all of our skin and body parts. It is all about how we present ourselves and we should always presents ourselves in the best light. Thank you for using queen esther, what a great read.

  • Jessica you have brought a fresh biblical prospective to a words that woman have either embraced or pushed away for years. Thank you for taking your passion for beauty and your love for God and your full freedom and delivering it in such way that we can take it in and make the steps to enhance what God has given us.

    Maya Ewings

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