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About Jess Mi

Welcome to our
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Launched in July of 2017, Jess Mi strives to create a classy yet sexy style of clothing to match a woman's natural curves. Jess Michelle had a vision to redefine what it meant for a woman to be sexy in today's society. She wanted to take back stereotypes that were not only placed on her, but every curvy woman who has ever felt like she wasn't enough. That just because she may be in a certain position or living for Christ, that she can't shine her light and be the sexy woman she's meant to be. Life could have taken a toll or she simply doesn't know how to express her womanhood and feel as beautiful as God says she is. So our aim is to present the modern day woman as the best version of herself through what we like to call, "classy sexy."  The best version of you is not limited to standards of the world, but standards of God. Let us help you shift your perspective to see yourself the way God has always seen you. Our most influential blog post "Saved, Sanctified, and Sexy" explains this with the word of God.
We offer dresses, jumpsuits, and other beautifully unique items. We specialize in great customer service to give you the best online shopping experience possible, especially if you’re looking to level up your wardrobe and simply be sexy!

"I wanted to give women classy styles without compromising their sexy. The look of success doesn't have a face, but it certainly has style."
- Jess Michelle

At Jess Mi Boutique, we combine class and alluring looks into one to make the everyday woman feel not so everyday.